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Neighborhood Plans


Neighborhood plans will be unique to each neighborhood, but each neighborhood will draw from a toolbox of techniques for gathering information to create each neighborhood plan.

Learn more about how we will get to know your neighborhood and think about what events you would like to participate in or lead in your part of the City of Huntington.

During your outreach month

Each month Plan2025 staff will be going into two neighborhoods to begin the neighborhood visioning and planning events. This outreach will begin with heavy City outreach but will continue throughout the year with City follow-up and heavy neighborhood participation.

Below are some of the first steps in neighborhood outreach:

Reach out to current or developing neighborhood associations if they exist.

Not all of Huntington has an active neighborhood association, but every neighborhood has active neighbors! Using existing community gathering organizations we can learn more about the work that is already occurring to improve our neighborhoods and use those conversations to start our neighborhood visioning.

Reach out to existing community resources/strengths.

Where do you go in your neighborhood? Schools? Churches? Out to eat? Shopping? Places of work? Where do people gather already? Plan2025 will reach out to citizens within organizations that already exist and are working in your neighborhood.

Showcase neighborhood information, businesses, strengths, data, events as available on our website and media outlets.

Each month our website will highlight different neighborhoods, so all city residents can learn about the strengths, highlights, and events for a different part of the city each month.



These outreach events will continue throughout the year in different neighborhoods and may depend on what neighborhood residents are most interested in working on. Look through these ideas and think about how you want to participate in your neighborhood!

Meeting in a box outreach

Meeting-in-a-box is a way for any group of people to gather information about what your block or neighborhood needs with people you know in your own time and place. Gather 5-10 people together, ask some questions and send us what ideas you came up with! Easy and fun! Click here to learn more! (This info coming later)

Current land use survey

What are the current uses and quality of housing, commercial, and industry in your neighborhood? Get a group of interested neighbors and fill out this land use survey and we will print you 1 physical and digital copy of the current land uses and conditions in your neighborhood.


In this walking workshop a group of interested individuals will walk around your neighborhood with community members, families, leaders and a representative from the City to do a walking tour. During this tour, group members will take photos of strengths and areas for improvements creating a visual guide for your area.

Stoop Surveys

Pick a nice evening, walk around your neighborhood talking to people on their porch, fill out a quick oral survey and send us your results. Get to know your neighbors and talk about your ideas for the neighborhood and City of Huntington.

Got a bright idea?

Gather information how ever you can, send photos, videos, ideas, maps to, our facebook page or tweet us! Come up with an innovative idea to gather ideas, send it along so we can use it in your neighborhood and others!




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