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How to Participate?

7 Easy Ways to get involved!

Join our interest list
Our low-volume email list provides about 3/4 emails per month on big events, plan updates, and on the written document status. If you want more information with out joining the email list sign up to be a volunteer, read our project journal and/or follow us on facebook or twitter; follow along, and participate freely!

Attend a neighborhood meeting
Neighborhood meetings are happening all the time! Find your neighborhood on the schedule, get in touch with the leaders in your area and join in on the conversation. Remember this plan will be the best when it represents the most people in our community.

Host a meeting
Gather 5-10 people together, ask some questions we gathered and send us what you thought! Easy and fun! This is to spread the word even further than we can reach alone. Meeting-in-a-box is a way for any group of people to gather information about what your neighborhood needs with people you can bring together on your own time and place.

Tell someone about Plan2025
Simply spread the word about Plan2025 in your own circles, what we are doing and why it is important. Talking to people you know will have a greater impact than any impersonal news article or informational poster.

Post info about Plan2025 on your facebook, social media, blogs, or other networks.
News spreads fast and varied in the 2010's, if you have an audience that you think will listen, we have a blurb you can post. Click here for current posting blurbs and ideas!

Take a survey.
Coming soon…

Take on a volunteer role!
Want to do more than give your insight into Plan2025? Want to be a leader in gathering participation your neighborhood? Help spread the word about events or updates on our various social media tools? Love data and want to help keep it organized? Have other innovative ideas? We know Huntington-ians are a creative bunch so if you have an idea or talent you think you can offer. Let us know!
For specific roles and opportunities see this page.

Any time please contact to share your ideas.




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