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What is a Comprehensive Plan

According to WV State Code, a city’s comprehensive plan needs to updated every 10 years to maintain zoning authority. The previous comprehensive plan in Huntington was adopted in 1996. In addition to simply fulfilling the state mandate, Huntington is ripe for a new comprehensive plan to guide development to be in line with present and future needs and resources. The comprehensive plan will be used to envision the future of Huntington, provide goals and strategies to reach that future, and provide a framework to guide everyday planning and zoning decisions.

A comprehensive plan is a guide for future change created through community values.

It is also a community's "to-do" list, guiding decision-makers to establish policies regarding the physical development of the City. Comprehensive plans are general, long-range, and a public agreement.

Specifically, the plan will provide guidance on

  • Land use
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Public Services
  • Economic Development

This page is a portal to a wealth of information to better understand Plan2025 and Comprehensive Planning in Huntington, WV.




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