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Welcome to the City of Huntington Business Wizard. Using a series of questions the Wizard provides customized information to help you start and operate a business in the City of Huntington. The Wizard will help you:

  • Determine permitting, licensing, and regulatory requirements
  • Obtain necessary application forms
  • Identify available resources

Important: The Business Wizard covers permitting, licensing, and regulatory requirements for the City of Huntington. It also covers certain federal and local regulations. When reviewing your results page, be aware that the list of permitting, licensing, and regulatory requirements may not be complete. Depending on your specific business type and geographic location, additional federal and local regulations may apply.

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Will you use or occupy a physical business location inside Huntington city limits (including a home residence)?


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Will your business be based out of your home?


Business Structure

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Property Ownership

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Business Activity

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Will you be doing work to the physical business bulding/location you will use or occupy?


Will you be putting signage on your windows, building, or property?


Will you be doing anything in the right of way such as adding a driveway, putting up an awning, etc.?
Right of Way definition: Land reserved for use as a road, street, alley, crosswalk, pedestrian way or other public purpose.



Disclaimer: This Business Wizard provides guidance in determining the licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements for operating a business in the City of Huntington. It is not, however, to be used as a binding authority. The Business Wizard's primary focus is on City of Huntington requirements. Certain federal and local regulations are also included, but coverage of these two areas is not comprehensive. Furthermore, while this Business Wizard is updated regularly, legal requirements and regulations do change, and the City of Huntington will not be held responsible for any omissions.

Federal Requirements

Internal Revenue Service (IRS): Register for Employee identification Number (EIN)

  • Employer Identification Numbers are issued for the purpose of tax administration.
  • Register Online
  • If you don't register online, you will need to fill out form SS-4 Employee Identification Number.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)

  • ATF Website
  • Charleston II Field Office: Phone: (304) 340-7820

State Requirements

WV Secretary of State: Register your business

WV State Tax Department: Register your business

City Requirements

Special Permit Application

  • Check with the Planning and Zoning Division for more information.

Amusement Tax

  • City of Huntington Ordinance-Article 763.02: There is hereby levied an amusement tax of two percent (2 %) on the sale of each admission to any public amusement or entertainment conducted for private profit or gain within the City; provided, that if the amount of the tax so levied shall, when computed, be or contain a fraction of one cent ($0.01); provided further, that the tax so levied on the sale of admissions to moving picture theaters shall not in any event exceed one cent ($0.01) on each sale of any such adult admission (Ord. 6-12-00.)

Hotel/Motel Tax

  • City of Huntington Ordinance-Article 769.2: There is hereby imposed and levied an excise tax upon the occupancy, on or after October 15, 2007, of all hotel rooms within the corporate limits of the City equal to six percent (6%) of the cost of each such hotel room; provided, that such tax shall not be levied on the occupancy of hotel rooms in hotels having less than three rooms or on the occupancy of any hotel room where any person is paying the consideration for the occupancy of such hotel room for thirty or more consecutive days. (Ord. 10-9-07.)

County Requirements

Additional Requirements

Alcohol Beverage Control Administrations

Additional Resources

Unlimited Future, Inc. (UFI): Business Incubator and Resource Center

WV Small Business Development Center (SBDC): The WV SBDC provides assistance to existing small businesses and the emerging entrepreneur.

Huntington Regional Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber provides a wide range of services and benefits to its members including business referrals, business education workshops and seminars, exclusive promotional opportunities and events that encourage members to do business with members.

For additional questions about starting a business in the City of Huntington please contact the Business Services Advocate, Sharon Pell, at 304-781-8348 or