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Business License

Anyone who is conducting business within the city limits needs to obtain a business license from the Finance Division.  The Municipal Business License Application will need to be completed and submitted to the Finance Division (please read information below for additional steps that may be needed). 

A business license is valid for one year starting from July 1 and ending June 30.  A business license renewal will be sent out around the first of June each year.  All business licenses expire on June 30th of each year.  Business license fees are not prorated.  

Below is a list of general information regarding the application process:

  • All applicants must have a valid West Virginia Business Registration Certificate from the WV State Tax Department prior to obtaining a Municipal Business License.
  • The WV State Tax Department is located at 2699 Park Ave, Suite 230, Huntington, WV.  You can contact them by calling 304.528.5565 or online at
  • The cost of a General Municipal Business License is $20.00.
    **Exceptions include Contractors and Subcontractors, Real Estate, businesses selling alcohol, and businesses with Limited Video Lottery.
  • If you occupy a physical location within the City of Huntington you will need a Certificate of Use and Occupancy to assure the location is approved for the particular activity being licensed.
  • If you are working from your residence a Home Occupation Permit is required.
    To begin this process you may contact our Development and Planning Department at  800 5th Ave, Room 2, Huntington, WV 304.696.4438.
  • Contractors: All contractors, sub-contractors and electric contractors must supply a copy of your WV State Contractors’ License and a Certificate of General Liability Insurance with the City of Huntington as the Certificate Holder.  Please go to Contractor and Subcontractor Requirements for additional information. 
  • Rental: Any person(s) who furnishes real property for lease or rent for any purpose is required to obtain a Municipal Business License. (Includes Class 4 Properties.)

Businesses With Additional Requirements