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Mobile Food Vendor Information

  • If you live inside city limits you will need to obtain a Home Occupation Permit.
    • Contact Person: Keebie Gilkerson
    • Department: Development and Planning
    • Location: City Hall Room 2
    • Phone: (304) 696-4438
  • All applicants must have a valid West Virginia Business Registration Certificate prior to obtaining a City of Huntington Business License.
    • The State Tax Department is located at the following address:  2699 Park Ave, Suite 230, Huntington WV 304.528.5565 or online at
    • West Virginia Consumer Sales Tax in the City limits of Huntington is 7%.
  • The City of Huntington License fee is $20.00.
    • This license will cover any events held in our city limits.
    • This will not cover the amount due to the promoter of the event.
  • Business and Occupation (B&O) Taxes and City Service Fee will apply.
  • Meter Parking must be approved by The Huntington Municipal Parking Board 304.696.5909 should you want to park and sell food in our downtown area.
    • To park in any of the following locations, please obtain permission from the management of each entity in advance: Harris Riverfront Park (City of Huntington), The Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District (all other parks), Pullman Square, Marshall University, any privately-owned lot, and streets abutting the Big Sandy Superstore Arena (City of Huntington).
      • As a courtesy to others please do not park in front of another restaurant.
  • The Cabell-Huntington Health Department must be notified so a Health Permit may be issued and all individuals/employees handling food must obtain a Food Handler’s permit as well.
    • The Cabell-Huntington Health Department can be reached at 304.523.6483 or go to