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City Bid

The City of Huntington Purchasing Department requests letters of interest from qualified professional firms for City of Huntington Zoning Ordinance updates.

Proposals will be received until 4 p.m., local prevailing time on January 20, 2016, at City Hall, Room 16, located at 800 5th Ave., Huntington, WV. Each proposal must include the following:

1. Firm name, address, phone number, fax number, and email address.
2. Names and resumes listing the technical qualification of the persons who will perform these services.
3. Description of experience in related work including at least 3 experiences where form-based codes were either introduced or replaced existing zoning in other municipalities in the past 5 years.
4. Reference list of clients whom the entity has represented in similar projects, with names and current telephone numbers of contacts.
5. Five copies of the proposals are to be submitted.

The following criteria will be used in the selection process:
• Project Manager. (20 points max)
• Strength/Experience of assigned staff including sub-consultants. (35 points max)
• Familiarity with the project. (10 points max)
• Business location of consultant and sub-consultants (5 points max)
• Consultant’s past performance (30 points max)

The proposal includes the creation of targeted place-based replacement of sections of the City of Huntington Zoning Ordinance. The scope of services will include all the following: Initial review and analysis of existing research and vision for a new zoning ordinance in targeted areas; drafting of three (3) neighborhood district codes (view the targeted district map here); integration of the form-based code with the existing Zoning Ordinance; refining the form-based code with public input and adoption of the new form-based code. The City will be the lead on all elements and will contribute City of Huntington staff time and expertise, but will rely heavily on the consultant for the technical writing expertise in drafting the neighborhood district codes.

The scope of work will be broken down into 4 phases with the majority of the time spent on technical writing.
1. Initial Review and Analysis (5%)
2. Drafting Neighborhood District Codes (85%)
3. Refining the Form-Based Code (8%)
4. Approval Process (2%)

The City of Huntington is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer. Each proposal will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religious creed, disability, ancestry, age, sex, or national origin.

For a full packet of information contact Breanna Shell at or 304.696.4438.