Guyandotte Christened

The first settlers to this area came as a result of a land grant, known as the Savage Grant. Captain John Savage recruited 59 men to serve with him in the French and Indian war. King George III granted Savage and his men sixty lots covering the valley south to the Big Sandy River in Wayne County, north to above Nine Mile Creek in Cabell County, and the Guyandotte and Mud River Valleys, to above Barboursville. None of the original 60 men settled on the Savage Grant, although Thomas Buffington settled on the portion (Lot 42) purchased by his father (William) in 1785.

That portion of the Savage Grant lying along the Ohio River, as re-surveyed in 1815,
contains all of the original site of Huntington and most of the territory which has
been added to the city in the past 100 years.

Thomas and his wife, Anna Cline, built a house on the point overlooking the Ohio River in 1800. Thomas Buffington received a license to operate a ferry across the Guyandotte River around 1802. He later obtained a license to run a ferry across the Ohio River to present day Proctorville. He was one of the first trustees of the town of Guyandotte. The family continued to run a landing or wharf in Guyandotte after the ferries became obsolete due to the construction of a suspension bridge at Third Street. The bridge was built in 1852 by the Guyandotte Bridge Company. The company was incorporated by J.W. Hite, John Laidley, G.L. Beuhring, J. B. Hite, Peter Clark, P. S. Smith and P.C. Buffington in 1848. In 1873, the Cabell County Court purchased the private stocks and made the bridge free. It was replaced in 1908 with the Third Avenue Bridge and then with the present day bridge.

Photo of the City of Huntington Ferry.
1918 "City of Huntington" Ferry
Courtesy of Murphy Library, University of Wisconsin

Guyandotte suspension bridge sometime between 1852 and 1908.
The suspension bridge across the Ohio River located in Guyandotte. Courtesy of...

. Descendants of Thomas Buffington sold much of their property to Collis P. Huntington, reserving the property they owned in Guyandotte. The first mayor of Huntington was Peter Cline Buffington (grandson of Thomas),he was elected in 1871 and served in office until 1874. The fifth mayor was his half brother, Dr. Edward Buffington (both had served the Confederacy during the Civil War). The eleventh mayor was also of the Buffington family, T. S. Garland, brother-in-law to Peter Cline Buffington.

Dr. Edward Buffington
Courtesy of ...

Peter C. Buffington Home
On the site of the C & O Hospital

Courtesy of...

Peter Cline Buffington
Huntington's First Mayor
Courtesy, James E. Morrow Library,
Marshall University



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