touring Huntington

5th Avenue between 8th and 9th StreetsDowntown 

As you stroll along the wide tree-lined streets and avenues of downtown, one of the first things you notice is how colorful and unique our city is. Huntington is one of the best designed cities in the country for easy navigation among the streets. Everywhere you look your eyes will be filled with the different styles and eras of architecture. Mother Nature is abundant and thriving in Huntington with trees lining the streets and with well-groomed landscapes creating a natural old-fashioned " Home Town " feel. Various cultures from around the World blend together to enrich our city.

Cabell County Public LibraryThe " Heart " of downtown Huntington is primarily a business district surrounding our City Hall and the Cabell County Courthouse. The Ninth Street Plaza, also known as Huntington Center Plaza, is generally "thought of" as the center of the city. The plaza is home to a wide array of shops, businesses, and our Cabell County Public Library . A few blocks away you will find one of the cities oldest schools, St. Joseph's Catholic High School, at 600 13th Street. St. Joseph's Grade School is located at 520 13th Street beside of the main church, St. Joseph's Catholic Church (Built circa 1884.).

Photo of St. Joseph's Catholic High SchoolThe River Park Hospital, 12th Street and Sixth Avenue, resides in the same vicinity as the schools and the church near the 1300 block of Sixth Avenue. Our citizens' spiritual needs are met by a multitude of churches, some as old as the city.

Downtown provides many Photo of Harris Riverfront Park opportunities for family fun and recreation. These include dining, the arts and various entertainment options. Some of the choices are Pullman Square, the Harris Riverfront Park , Heritage Village , Big Sandy Superstore Arena, our many movie theatres and our various restaurants. The options for dining range from fast food to fine dining with a variety of ethnic cuisines.


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