touring Huntington


Guyandotte is the easternmost suburb of Huntington and is primarily residential areas. The new Guyandotte Elementary School is centrally locatedl.

Guyandotte is rich in area history, with the oldest church of Huntington located in Guyandotte. The Guyandotte United Methodist Church has had its doors open since 1804. Although the original building was used as a supply depot during the Civil War by the Confederates, and was eventually burned down in 1861 by the Union Army. Another structure was erected on the same site in 1869-1870 and still is used today.

Attractions to the area include the historical Madie Carroll House, the annual event- " Guyandotte Days,guyan" the Masonic Temple and the Guyandotte Public Library. Guyandotte is the location for the Civil War Days Re-enactment Celebration each year during "Guyandotte Days." People come from all around to participate in these activities.


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