touring Huntington

Southeast Hills 

residenceThe rolling green hills of the southern suburbs of the city is full of cool, tree-lined and winding streets with a relaxing presence that can be felt while just gazing around. The area is generally a residential area with the Huntington Museum of Art resting on top of the hill on McCoy Road. The homes are the larger more luxurious homes. Chateaus, villas and a mansion or two may be glimpsed beyond their driveways or in the background as you drive along. There are more modest homes available in the area also for the smaller or mid-sized families.

museumThe Huntington Museum of Art always has something planned or "happening." The museum is the finest in the State and provides exhibits from all of the arts from all over the World. On your tour you will see paintings, sculptures glass, furniture, jewelry, rugs, quilts, silver & other metal-works, and literature as well as other major items. The museum also includes a conservatory, library, cafe, music series, film series, gift shop, art classes and workshops for children and adults.(Right Photo: Huntington Museum of Art - main entrance.) .


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