touring Huntington

Walnut Hills 

residenceWalnut Hills is a mostly a suburban residential area with various businesses, stores, shops, churches, restaurants and lodgings. The streets wind pleasingly throughout the hills with a lulling and soothing drive. In some instances it is almost like driving through country roads--peaceful and serene. Beverly Hills Middle School and Geneva Kent Elementary are the public schools in the Walnut Hills area.

Stores and shops abound by the dozen, providing shopping opportunities for all, giving you a choice of department, clothing, grocery, furniture, shoes and movie stores. After shopping, or before, you may wish to dine in one of the many family or fast-food restaurants.

rotaryAttractions to the area include: Rotary Park -with its 18-hole Disc Golf course, (The only one of its kind in the area.), among the forested 132 acre park.- Bethel Memorial Park , located at the south border of the city off of Norway Avenue.- bowling-shopping and dining . The various schools and churches in the area have events and activities scheduled throughout the year for your and your families pleasure.


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