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West End 

gazeboWelcome to the West End of Huntington and the home of Old Central City.

The West End is just as busy as downtown at times. Fourteenth Street West is the main business street in this area and the main street for Old Central City. The shopping plaza, antique shops, farmers marker, library, restaurants and businesses have people milling around everyday all-day. The schools serving the general public in the West End include Central City Elementary and West Middle School. There are many churches, some with private schools, located in the area.

The West End has many exciting and inviting attractions for all ages. Several of these include the West Huntington Public Library, the Memorial Arch Park, St. Clouds Commoms Park and Clubhouse, the Collis P. Huntington Railroad Museum, the Radio Technology Museum, the Heritage Farms Museum and Village, and bowling at Colonial Lanes.

welcome centerNostalgic "Old Central City" sports an old fashioned 'Town Square" with a magnificent Gazebo for bands, concerts, weddings and such. The Gazebo is located across the street from the Central City Market. Old Central City is considered the "Antique Capital of West Virginia."

Some of the homes in the West End have been converted into duplexes or several smaller apartments. The homes and apartments vary in size and affordability in this area. There are also many historic homes located in the West Huntington area, many being over 100 years old.

Various businesses, large and small, are located throughout the West End. You will find many construction, remodeling and roofing companies with their suppliers in this area. The Huntington Industrial Center, formerly known as the Owens-Illinois Company, is expanding as new and established companies rent space from the center. Community organizations/services along with the schools are strategically located in the West End. Where people go, there is food! With this thought, you have your choice of fast food restaurants and family restaurants and delicious menus to choose from.

libraryIf you are in the area surrounding the 1300 block of Adams Avenue, you can not help being exposed to the wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread. It is Heaven! Charles Heiner began the bakery in 1905, not knowing that one day his bakery would be one of the leading bakeries in the Nation. If you haven't yet, then call to schedule a tour (304) 523-8411, and see up close how Mr. Heiner's bread is made.

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