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City Service Fee

All individuals working within the city limits of Huntington will need to pay a City Service Fee of five dollars ($5.00) per week and will remain in effect until such time as rescinded by further ordinance of Council. This increase became effective October 1, 2015.  See Article 772 - City Service Fee for additional information.

As an employer you are required to withhold the City Service Fee each pay period and may remit the same to the City of Huntington on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis pursuant to the City Service Fee Policy.

For-profit businesses and not-for profit organizations will be mailed a City Service Fee Remittance Form once a business license has been obtained.

Payroll Providers

To initiate set up of a City Service Fee account a business license must be obtained for each client.   

Multiple Employers

If you work for more than one employer per week, you may request that only one employer withhold the City Service Fee. You will need to fill out the Employer Exemption Form.   Employer Exemptions Forms must be signed and include all required documentation.

Over Payment

If you have had more than 52 weeks’ worth of withholding in any year, you may request a refund. You will need to fill out the Refund Claim Form.  All refund requests must be signed and include all required documentation.

Please note:  Refunds will only be issued for up to three (3) consecutive years prior to the current date of application.  All requests for refunds must be received by November 30, 2015.   No refunds will be issued after the close of business on November 30, 2015.  This policy is subject to change.  If you need assistance please contact the Finance Division at (304) 696-5969.