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To obtain a Demolition Permit please complete the following:

1.  Complete Building Permit Application.

2. All structures must be tested for asbestos prior to demolition.

  • If asbestos materials are NOT found, you must provide written documentation from the asbestos testing company verifying asbestos was not found.
  • If asbestos materials are found, they must be removed in accordance with the Asbestos Abatement Licensing Rule West Virginia Legislative Rules Division of Health Title 64 Series 63 1998. 
  • Additional information about asbestos testing and removal can be found by calling WVDHHR Bureau for Public Health Office of Environmental Health Services at: 304.558.2981.
  • Written documentation regarding the removal and disposal of the material will need to be submitted to the Inspections and Permits Division.

3. Additional permits/documentation may be required.

  • Removal of asbestos material requires a permit from the City of Huntington Inspections and Permits Division.
  • Road closure permit
  • Traffic Study 

4.  Contact the Plumbing Inspector for inspection of the property.  The inspection will determine the necessary requirements to complete the demolition.

  • Plumbing Inspector, Chris Johnson
  • Division:  Inspections and Permits
  • Phone:  304.696.5540 ext. 2209

5. Verification that all utilities have been disconnected.

6. Verification of insurance.

7. Cost of the Demolition Permit:

  • Residential Demolition Permit is $150.00
  • Commercial Demolition Permit is $150.00 plus 5 cents per square foot.

8. Complete and submit the necessary documentation to:

  • Permit Technician 
  • Division:  Inspections and Permits
  • Phone:  304.696.5540 ext. 2003
  • Location:  City Hall, Room 1