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City Council, Cabell Delegates Partner to Donate Money for Protective Gear

Every Huntington firefighter will soon have a pair of needle-resistant gloves to protect them when responding to overdose-related calls.

Every Huntington City Council member has committed microgrant funding toward the purchase of 100 pairs of gloves, which will cost approximately $3,000. The Jewish Benevolent Fund and Cabell County delegates Chad Lovejoy and Dr. Matthew Rohrbach and their respective partners at the law firm of Duffield, Lovejoy, Stemple & Boggs and HIMG were also instrumental in making donations to aid in the purchase of the gloves.

“We are always working diligently to equip our firefighters with the protective gear they need to perform their job safely and efficiently,” Huntington Fire Chief Jan Rader said. “I am extremely grateful for the outpouring of support from City Council members, the Jewish Benevolent Fund, delegates Lovejoy and Rohrbach and their partners at Duffield, Lovejoy, Stemple & Boggs and HIMG.”

The gloves have two layers of needle-resistant protection and are designed to be worn over regular EMS gloves.

Lovejoy said he and Rohrbach offered to lend their financial support for the purchase of the gloves after having discussions with Rader about the increasing number of medical calls related to overdoses.

“The goal of this initiative is to help in some small way to protect our firefighters and their families from on-the-job exposure,” Lovejoy said. “We owe them that and much more.”

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