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Citywide Street Sweeping Begins in Huntington

A citywide street-sweeping service began this week as part of an effort to minimize the impact of storm water on Huntington’s roadways and prevent pollution and debris from entering the sewer system.

The Huntington Water Quality Board has entered into a three-year contract with Contract Sweepers and Equipment of Columbus, Ohio, to provide the service. The company will divide the city into approximately 25 zones and will spend two days in each zone cleaning curbed streets with two street sweepers. Local workers from Cabell and Wayne counties have been hired to carry out the service. 

The company began sweeping curbed streets this week in Guyandotte and will move west to new zones during the next several weeks. During the week of Monday, July 27, the following areas will be swept:

July 27-28: Altizer neighborhood, from 8th to Apple streets between Guyandotte River and the railroad tracks
July 29-30: Highlawn neighborhood, from 27th Street to Merrill Avenue between Ohio River and 3rd Avenue.
July 31: Highlawn neighborhood, from 24th to 27th streets between Ohio River and 3rd Avenue.

The street sweeping schedule will be released on a weekly basis, although it will be subject to change due to weather conditions. A citywide map displaying each zone will be available in the near future.

In each zone, residents and business owners will be notified 24 hours in advance via temporary street signs and will be asked to remove their vehicles from the roadway during scheduled street
sweeping hours or risk having their vehicles towed. Additional guidelines are as follows:

  • The service will run five days a week (Monday-Friday) April through November.
  • Only curbed streets will be swept.
  • Because the city has not had an extensive street sweeping operation in more than a decade, it may require several passes for a street to be cleaned.
  • Residents are prohibited from putting grass clippings, leaves and tree limbs in the street. Street sweepers will not remove these items.

Contract Sweepers and Equipment will sweep streets at a cost of $297, 980 per year. The Water Quality Board conducted a cost analysis to determine how much it would cost to provide the service in-house. That analysis revealed that it would cost approximately $1 million alone to purchase the needed equipment to sweep streets, according to Water Quality Board officials.

The Water Quality Board owns one street sweeper that will clean streets in downtown Huntington during nighttime hours. The schedule and routes for the downtown service will be available in the near future.

For more information about street sweeping, call Jay Edwards at 304.781.1911 or email

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