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How the City of Huntington deals with potholes

As winter gets its last wind each February, a slew of potholes are often left behind to wreak havoc on commuters and their cars.

This poses problems as potholes are difficult to fill during cold weather. In fact, Huntington’s Streets Division cannot patch streets if the temperature is lower than 25 degrees.

Each day and as the weather permits, the Streets Division goes through areas of the city and patches potholes. Assistant Public Works director Jim Insco said it can be hard sometimes to catch up on filling potholes if the department gets behind.

Sub-freezing temperatures escalate the formation of potholes. Water passes through surface cracks and freezes, expands and further weakens the pavement. That is why potholes suddenly appear after a winter storm.

During winter, the Streets Division uses a polymer-modified, cold mix asphalt to patch potholes. Once the pothole is identified, the hole is filled with the mix, tamped down and smoothed. Once the process is complete, the patch is set and the Streets Division moves on to the next pothole.

Cold patches can last weeks or several months, depending on traffic and weather. The patch will not last long if there is steady rain or snow and if the area contains a high volume of traffic.

To report a pothole, call the Streets Division at 304-696-4483 or the Mayor’s Office at 304-696-5540.

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