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How to report streetlight outages in the city

Streetlights are a deterrent to crime in residential areas and business districts. That’s why it’s important that when a streetlight burns out, it be fixed promptly.

If you see a streetlight that needs fixed in front of your home or business, the first thing you should do is determine who owns the light -- AEP or the City of Huntington.

Streetlights maintained by AEP have metal tags with numbers on the pole. Streetlights maintained by the City of Huntington are brown and have a rectangular box around the light. These lights are located in the downtown area.

If an AEP streetlight needs to be fixed, you will need the following information before contacting the company:

  • The nearest address to the light.
  • The number listed on the pole
  • What the light is doing (flickering, burned out, etc.)

To report an inoperable AEP light, call the 24-hour AEP Consumer Solutions Center hotline at 800-982-4237 or visit the AEP Appalachian Power website at

If a city-owned light needs to be fixed, call Steve Riggs, traffic engineering superintendent, at 304-696-5971 or email

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