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Greater Huntington Walks Challenges Residents to Become More Active

Can Huntington-area citizens collectively walk to the moon by the end of 2018?

That is the goal of Greater Huntington Walks, a new movement that aims to create a more active culture in the Tri-State and spark healthy competitions among family members, friends and coworkers.

The movement will launch with a community walk that will begin at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday, July 17, at Pullman Square in downtown Huntington. Water and healthy snacks will be provided.

The collective goal of Greater Huntington Walks is for all participants to accumulate enough miles to walk to the moon, or 238,900 miles (approximately 478 million steps), by the end of 2018.

The mission of Greater Huntington Walks is for the Greater Huntington area to be viewed as a healthy and active community for people to live, work and visit. It aims to promote and enhance the health of people by encouraging walking and activity and working together to achieve a publicly-stated goal.

Andrew Fischer, a Huntington resident and senior vice president and branch director for RBC Wealth Management, came up with the idea for the challenge.

The movement started earlier this spring out of discussions among business leaders, medical institutions, Marshall University, and exercise and wellness centers.

“Huntington is an extremely vibrant community with health-minded individuals and we want the world to know that,” said Fischer, who is also the chairman of the Greater Huntington Walks Committee. “With this thinking in mind, we developed a movement that every single person in Huntington and the Tri-State can participate in at no cost and contribute toward achieving a common goal.”

Joining the Greater Huntington Walks movement is easy. All you have to do is go to and create your own free profile. You can participate individually, create your own team, or join an existing team and challenge other community-based teams.

You do not need a wireless pedometer (i.e. Fitbit or Apple Watch) to participate. If you have a smart phone, you can use the phone’s internal pedometer or you can enter your steps manually through the website or the free Walker Tracker mobile app. The mobile app will also synchronize to your smart phone’s internal pedometer so you do not have to manually add your number of steps.

Free pedometers will also be distributed to the first 1,500 participants who do not have a way to track their steps. The pedometers will be available at the launch of Greater Huntington Walks on July 17 at Pullman Square and at other locations across Huntington in the near future.

Prizes and incentives will be given to the individuals and teams who participate in the program and reach different milestones. Once an individual or team hits a milestone, they will win a prize and be entered into a quarterly drawing for a bigger prize like a Fitbit, Apple Watch or gym membership.

At the end of the competition Dec. 31, the three teams with the most steps will be recognized and have donations made in their name to a local charity of their choice.

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