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Paving Set to Begin March 25

The City of Huntington’s paving program for the current fiscal year is tentatively scheduled to begin March 25.

Forty-seven sections of roadways totaling 6.32 miles will be paved this spring. The City of Huntington budgeted $1.6 million for paving this fiscal year, which includes costs for striping. The paving budget for fiscal year 2019-2020, which begins July 1, includes another $1.6 million for paving. Since 2013, the city has paved more than 42 miles of roads.

Compiling the list began with City Council members submitting requests to Mayor Steve Williams. The Mayor’s Office and officials in the Public Works Department worked with the West Virginia Division of Highways to prioritize the requests based on traffic volume, road conditions and other factors.

The City of Huntington piggybacks on the West Virginia Division of Highways’ paving contract.

Here is the list of roads that will be paved this spring, broken down by City Council district:

City Council District 1

  • Burlington Road from Magazine Avenue to Auburn Road
  • Florence Street from Bradley to Piedmont roads
  • Acoma Court from Auburn to Brandon roads
  • Camden Road from Chase Street to Park Avenue
  • West River Road from Burlington Road to East Road

City Council District 2

  • Clemens Court from Washington to Virginia avenues
  • 6th Street West from Adams to Jefferson avenues
  • 17th Street West from Jackson Avenue to end of street
  • Jefferson Avenue from 18th Street West to 19th Street West
  • West 5th Avenue from 24th Street West to 26th Street West
  • 23rd Street West from Jefferson Avenue to West 5th Avenue

City Council District 3

  • 4 ½ alley from 13th to 14th streets
  • 4 ½ alley from 14th to 15th streets
  • Commerce Avenue from 13th to 15th streets

City Council District 4

  • West Whitaker Boulevard from 303 West Whitaker to Willow Glen Drive
  • Willow Glen Drive from West Whitaker Boulevard to 5 Willow Glen
  • Arthur Street from Westview to Florence avenues
  • Whitaker Boulevard from 200 Whitaker to junction with Edgemont Road

City Council District 5

  • Council representative requested new sidewalks in lieu of paving

City Council District 6

  • Stamford Park Drive from beginning of Mayfair Way to end of Mayfair
  • North Inwood Road from intersection to 549 North Inwood
  • Cherry Avenue from Washington Boulevard to Holswade Drive
  • Section of Ferguson Court (122 to 322)
  • Section of Enslow Boulevard (2004 to 2048)
  • Marne Drive from Kings Highway to 76 Marne
  • Roland Park Drive from 40 Roland Park Drive to Gallaher Street
  • Kings Highway from 12 Kings to Grand Boulevard
  • Marquis Drive from Forest Road to end of street
  • Crestmont Drive from 1772 Crestmont to concrete road
  • Section of Crestmont Drive (1772 to 1784)
  • Washington Boulevard from Enslow Park Bridge to 15th Street
  • Washington Boulevard from 13th to 14th streets (up to the brick)
  • South Boulevard from 5th to 8th streets
  • 10th Street from 12th to 13th avenues
  • Section of Green Oak Drive (400 to 432)
  • Ferguson Road from Washington Boulevard to 3021 Ferguson

City Council District 7

  • Morris Street from Rotary Road to 28th Street
  • Clem Street from Highland Court to Sheppard Drive
  • Sheppard Drive from Clem Street to Maupin Road
  • Hollywood Place from Rotary Road to end of street
  • St. Louis Avenue from Olive to Davis streets

City Council District 8

  • Rowland Court from Fourth Avenue to end
  • 1st Avenue from 26th to 27th streets

City Council District 9

  • 36th Street (Guyandotte) from 4th to 5th avenues
  • Section of Willoughby Avenue (127 to 164)
  • Short Street from 5th Avenue to Bridge Street
  • Richmond Street from Oak Street to 8th Avenue
  • Staunton Street alley from Staunton to 33rd Street

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