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Public Works Department Launches Sidewalk Repair Pilot Program

The City of Huntington’s Public Works Department has launched a new sidewalk repair pilot program.

Mayor Steve Williams proposed and Huntington City Council approved $100,000 in funding for the pilot program in this year’s budget. Similar to the city’s annual paving program, City Council members were asked to identify five locations in each of their districts where sidewalks needed to be replaced and submit them to the Public Works Department. The Public Works Department developed a priority list based on visual inspections.

The Public Works Department is now entering into agreements with property owners at those locations whereby the property owner pays for the concrete and the city provides the labor and all other equipment needed for the repair.

“It’s important to remember that this is a pilot program that we will learn from and make adjustments as needed,” Williams said. “It’s a perfect example of the partnerships between my administration and City Council as well as the partnerships between City Hall and residents that are required to make these repairs.”

The Public Works Department has already entered into agreements with property owners to repair sidewalks in the 2600 block of Collis Avenue, in the 200 block of 26th Street, on 28th Street and in the 2700 block of North Staunton Road. City officials are currently negotiating with property owners on additional projects that were submitted by City Council members.

The Public Works Department is no longer taking sidewalk repair requests for this fiscal year, which ends June 30, 2017. Property owners who would like to make arrangements with the city to repair their sidewalk for next fiscal year should contact the City Council representative for their district.

Click here to find contact information for City Council members and the areas they represent.

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