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Public Works Department Prepares for Winter

The City of Huntington’s Department of Public Works conducted a “dry run” of its snow routes Tuesday, November 5, in an attempt to identify possible obstacles along those routes and also inform the media and the public about its snow removal equipment, snow removal routes, treatment methods and the salt supply for the upcoming winter.

Equipment: The City of Huntington has seven trucks for snow removal. Six of the trucks have salt spreaders and plows. The seventh has just a plow. The city also has two brine trucks. Brine is a pre-treatment liquid that prevents snow and ice from bonding to pavement, thereby making it easier for snow and ice to be plowed.

Salt: The Public Works Department’s Street Division currently has 1,200 tons of salt on hand and has a contract to purchase more if needed. The salt is stored in a storage shed that helps the Public Works Department meet environmental guidelines and saves thousands of dollars per year by preventing the loss of salt from rainfall.

Routes: The city has six primary routes that are cleared before any secondary roads are treated. The Public Works Division will also clear roads in the downtown by plowing snow to the center of the roadways rather than to the sides. This will keep parking spaces in the downtown clear. During the dry run, drivers will look for obstacles, road hazards, cars parked too close to corners and intersections, basketball hoops next to the road, low-hanging power lines and tree limbs, and sewer lids that are too high. They will make notes of the locations of the obstacles. A working foreman will visit those locations after the dry run to determine corrections.

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