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Water Quality Fee to Increase for Some Nonresidential Customers

Some nonresidential customers who receive a water quality fee billing from the Huntington Water Quality Board will soon see an increase in their monthly bill.

The water quality fee was implemented in 2014 at a flat rate of $7.15 for residential and nonresidential property owners. The second phase of the fee, charging nonresidential property owners for the amount of impervious surface on their property, will take effect this month and will be reflected on the bill that nonresidential customers will be mailed June 15. Approximately 2,080 non-residential customers who will be affected will receive letters explaining the increase in the next few days.

Residential customers will continue to pay the flat rate of $7.15 per month and will not see an increase in their bill.

The fee allows the Huntington Stormwater Utility, which falls under the umbrella of the Water Quality Board along with the Huntington Sanitary Board, to operate and maintain Huntington’s floodwall system; maintain, repair and replace storm drainage infrastructure; and implement a federally-required stormwater management program to reduce runoff pollution from entering Huntington’s streams and rivers.

Although the water quality fee is found on a Huntington Sanitary Board bill, it is used solely for stormwater and floodwall activities and is accounted for separately.

Nonresidential property owners who have 3,000 square feet or less of impervious surface – ground covered by buildings, parking lots, driveways, gravel, pavement, compacted dirt lots on industrial sites or any other material that does not allow rain water to soak into the ground – will continue to pay the flat rate of $7.15 per month. For each 1,000 square feet of impervious surface above the base rate, a nonresidential property owner will pay $1.05. For example, if you have 6,000 square feet of impervious surface, your water quality fee would be $10.30 per month.

The Huntington Stormwater Utility used high-resolution aerial photography to determine the impervious area of each parcel. Photos were taken in spring 2015. Geographical Information System (GIS) measurements were used in the determination and cross-referenced with existing county parcel records.

If a property owner believes the impervious surface measurement for his or her property is incorrect, he or she can provide additional information for consideration by the Stormwater Utility. The additional information must be provided on the form established by the Stormwater Utility for that purpose. The Stormwater Utility will use additional information to determine, in its sole discretion, whether to modify the impervious surface measurement.

Re-evaluation forms can be obtained at the Stormwater Utility, 555 7th Ave., or online by clicking here. A list of frequently asked questions about the water quality fee can also be found by clicking here.

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