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Planning Commission


The Huntington Planning Commission is an appointed advisory body to oversee the development review of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan, Plan2025 sets forth proposed land use development in the City for the next 10 years. The Planning Commission hears issues involving rezoning, abandonments, annexations, and subdivisions. The Commission determines how these issues will affect the Comprehensive Plan and makes their decision accordingly. The Planning Commission is established in accordance with the West Virginia State Code, Chapter 8A, Article 2, as amended, with all the rights and responsibilities accorded therein.


Ed Tucker, Chairperson
Steve Williams, Mayor 
Jennifer Wheeler, Councilwoman 
Brian Gallagher 
Gerry Holley
Sean Hornbuckle
Bob Adkins


Contact Information

  • Staff -Shae Strait,, 304.696.5540 ext. 2093

Current News

The Planning Commission regular meeting is at 5:30 p.m. on the first Monday of the month in City Council chambers at City Hall.

Planning Commission Process

For more information, please contact Planning and Zoning at 304.696.5540 press option 3 or email

What is a Rezoning?

A rezoning is a request to change the assigned land use designation from one zoning classification to another. The Fee structure for rezoning is as follows, for rezoning to:

  • Single and Two-Family: $175
  • Multi-Family Residential: $250
  • Commercial: $350
  • Industrial:  $350

Please see the Rezoning process and application:

Rezoning Petition
Rezoning Process

What is Annexation?

Annexation is the incorporation of a land area into an existing community with a resulting change in the boundaries of that community. The City of Huntington's annexation methods are governed by the West Virginia State Code.  Currently there are three methods of annexation.

  • Minor Boundary Adjustment
  • Annexation With Election
  • Annexation Without Election

Please see the Q&A guide about Annexation for more information:

Annexation Q&A

What is Abandonment?

Abandonments are the conveyance of public land for permanent private use. The City relinquishes all rights to the property, except easements for utilities.

Please see the Abandonment Application and Instructions for more information.

Abandonment Application and Instructions

What is a subdivision?

A subdivision is the act of dividing a single property into multiple parcels. The process for permitting a major subdivision is detailed in the Huntington Development Ordinance.

Huntington Development Ordinance


Please visit the Plan2025 page to learn more about the Comprehensive Plan and implementation. Download or view the plan here: