Mobile Food Vendor Permit


  • Must have a passed fire inspection by the Huntington Fire Marshal or State Fire Marshal.
    • Anything under a roof to have suppression and ventilation must comply with NFPA 96 1.1.3* Cooking equipment used in fixed, mobile, or temporary concessions, such as trucks, buses, trailers, pavilions, tents, or any form of roofed enclosure, shall comply with this standard." All of NPFA 96 is hood ventilation and suppression requirements. 

    • Huntington Fire Marshal
  • Must have a Health Permit with Cabell-Huntington Health Department . Beginning June 7th, 2024, if you are an In-State Vendor and permitted in the county of your residence, you do not need to apply for a permit with Cabell-Huntington Health Department. However, you must give the Health Department at least 72 hours' notice that you will be operating in Huntington.

    • All individuals/employees handling food must obtain a Food Handler's Permit.
    • Phone: (304) 523-6483
    • Website: