The City of Huntington is accepting candidates for two positions in the Information Technology Division:

  • The Help Desk Technician is a technical position assisting in the implementation and maintenance of personal computers, peripherals, desktops and phones and providing application and technical support. The employee is responsible for management of the IT support queue and assisting senior IT staff with various tasks. Click here for more information.
  • The Administrative Assistant I is a responsible position involving the performance of routine and complex administrative work within the IT Division. Work involves responsibility for providing administrative services to the staff within the IT Division. Click here for more information.

To apply for either of these open positions, click here.

The City of Huntington is also seeking candidates for its Public Works applicant pool. Applications will be received during the month of September 2023. For more information about the applicant pool and the job positions in Public Works, click here. The City will fill future vacancies as they occur within the Public Works Department from among candidates in the applicant pool. 

Currently, the City has the following openings in the Street Division: Concrete Crew Leader, Heavy Equipment Operator, Laborer and Truck Driver.

  • The Concrete Crew Leader involves skilled manual work involving concrete and masonry construction and repair. For more information, click here.
  • The Heavy Equipment Operator requires a CDL and involves skilled work in the operation of a variety of heavy equipment used in the construction, maintenance and repair of public works facilities. Click here for more information.
  • The Laborer position involves manual labor in the performance of unskilled and semi-skilled tasks that may be of a physically demanding nature.
  • The Truck Driver position requires a CDL and involves manual labor and skilled work, including operation of light- to heavy-duty trucks in construction, maintenance and repair work. Click here for more information.

To apply online for the applicant pool or either of these open positions, click here.

The City is not accepting applications for any other positions.