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City of Huntington Launches new Litter Abatement Program

The City of Huntington will encourage litter abatement year-round with a new program.

The city will launch a new Litter Support Program in an effort to give back to the community. The city has allocated some of the funding provided by the 150th Anniversary Fund to support this initiative. These funds covered the cost of ordering 200 litter sticks, 250 pairs of gloves sourced locally from General Building Supply and 10,000 garbage bags.

“City officials and members of the 150th Anniversary Committee believe firmly that community service should be an important component of this special year in Huntington’s history,” said Bryan Chambers, communications director for the City of Huntington and chairman of the 150th Anniversary Committee. “It’s been exciting to see various community groups such as My Huntington, the Fourpole Creek Watershed Association, neighborhood associations and churches organize community cleanups this spring. We hope to continue the momentum by providing support through the Litter Cleanup Program.”

This program is designed to serve as a collaborative effort among various organizations. Businesses, civic groups, neighborhood associations and faith-based communities are invited to host cleanups by signing up via email at with a date and time. With supplies at the ready, the City of Huntington will arrange providing volunteers with the materials they need to facilitate the cleanup. From there, the trash will then be hauled away at no cost by the City of Huntington’s Public Works Department.

The Litter Support Program will allow up to two community cleanups per week, and volunteers will agree to pile bags of litter at a central location determined by the Public Works Department in the cleanup area before it begins.

The city also will assist with the identification of areas that need to be cleaned if needed. Essentially, the program relies on participation from volunteers. The Litter Support Program works as a partnership between city government and local groups and organizations. Providing the equipment necessary and assisting with disposing of the trash enables others to take part in keeping Huntington clean.

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