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City of Huntington schedules clean sweeps for spring and summer

HUNTINGTON – The City of Huntington has scheduled a series of clean sweeps for this spring and summer.

During these three-day events, the Public Works Department will conduct a sweep through all of the alleys in the designated areas. Work also will include cutting back trees and weeds from alleyways, citing vehicles that have been abandoned or don’t have proper registration, and issuing code enforcement citations for unkempt properties. 

This also will be an opportunity for residents living in this area to set out bulky trash items by no later than the first day of the clean sweep to be hauled away. Items that will be hauled away include furniture, brush/yard waste, construction materials, appliances without Freon and dried paint cans. Items that will not be accepted include tires, oils, liquid paint, appliances with Freon, car batteries, and gas or propane tanks.

The 2022 clean sweep schedule is as follows: 

May 3-5: Arlington Park, Guyandotte, Altizer, Saltwell Road from Washington Boulevard to Norway Avenue.

May 17-19: 24th to 32nd streets from river to rail (Highlawn area).

June 14-16: 12th to 28th streets from 8th to 13th avenues. 

June 28-30: 28th Street to Norway Avenue and roads connecting to 28th Street, Walnut Hills, Gallaher Village, Stamford Park, Forest Road and connecting roads.

July 12-14: Enslow Park, 1st Street to 12th Street from 8th Avenue to the Huntington Museum of Art, Ridgewood Road and connecting roads, Honeysuckle Lane and connecting roads.

July 26-28: 1st Street West to 14th Street West from the river to Harveytown, Westview Road, Edgemont Road and connecting roads.

August 9-11: 14th Street West to 32nd Street West from river to railroad tracks.

August 23-25: 32nd Street West to floodwall from river to railroad tracks.

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