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Paving in Huntington set to begin next week

HUNTINGTON – Two significant rounds of paving that will occur this fall in Huntington will begin next week.

This past spring, more than $1 million of paving was delayed in the city due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials with West Virginia Paving notified city officials recently that they were almost ready to begin working on the spring list of paving projects.

Meanwhile, Mayor Steve Williams has asked Huntington City Council members to submit their fall paving requests to the Public Works Department for review by Sept. 11. Once the fall list is reviewed on a number of factors, including traffic volume and road conditions, and then finalized, West Virginia Paving will begin working on that list after the spring list is completed.

Mayor Williams has proposed and City Council has approved paving budgets of $1.6 million in each of the past two fiscal years. The City of Huntington’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

The paving list from this past spring includes 31 individual paving projects spread across City Council’s nine geographic districts and totaling 5.3 miles at an estimated cost of $1,050,468. Since 2014, the city has paved 41.6 miles of roads totaling $12,365,937.

Here are the paving projects included on the spring list, broken down by City Council district:

City Council District 1

  • Hughes Street from 4331 to 4339
  • Burlington Road from Piedmont Road to railroad

City Council District 2

  • Van Buren Avenue from 10th Street West to 12th Street West
  • 16th Street West from Jefferson Avenue to Madison Avenue
  • 3rd Street West from 6th Avenue West to Adams Avenue
  • 3rd Street West from Washington Avenue to Virginia Avenue
  • Division Street from 7th Avenue West to dead end
  • 10th Street West from Jackson Avenue to Van Buren Avenue

City Council District 3

  • 7th Avenue from Hal Greer Boulevard to 20th Street

City Council District 4

  • Edgemont Drive from North Edgemont Road to Westview Avenue
  • 19th Street West from James River Road to 1942 James River
  • Florence Avenue

City Council District 5

  • Magnolia Lane from Underwood Avenue to dead end
  • 17th Street from 12th Avenue to Franklin Avenue
  • 18th Street from 12th Avenue to Franklin Avenue
  • 19th Street from 12th Avenue to Hall Avenue

City Council District 6

  • Military Road from 1816 to 1852
  • Glenwood Terrace from Washington Boulevard to cul-de-sac
  • South Park Drive from 1219 to cul-de-sac
  • South Walnut Alley from Norway Avenue to gravel
  • South Walnut Street from Norway Avenue to 244 South Walnut
  • Mayfair Way from Stamford Park Drive to Brighton Way
  • Kennon Lane from Washington Boulevard to 2150 Kennon
  • Foster Road from 5th Street to Ridgewood Road
  • Holswade Drive from 333 Holswade to Wiltshire Boulevard

City Council District 7

  • Baer Street from Davis Street to Hilltop Place
  • Locust Street from Norway Avenue to Lower Terrace
  • North Terrace from Linden Circle to Avondale Road

City Council District 8

  • 2 ½ Alley from 20th to 21st Street

City Council District 9

  • Bellevue Road from 5th Avenue to 224 Bellevue
  • Aaron Court from Bellevue Road to the end of Aaron

As a reminder to residents, City Council members are soliciting requests in their districts for the fall paving list until Sept. 11. Those paving projects will be announced later this month and then begin upon completion of the spring paving projects.

To make a paving request, call the City Clerk’s Office at 304-696-5530 or contact the City Council representative in your respective district. Contact information for City Council members is available at

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