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Spring paving to include 26 projects, 4 miles of roads

HUNTINGTON -- Spring paving in Huntington will begin in the near future with approximately $800,000 in paving projects.

Paving occurs in the fall and spring in Huntington. City Council members solicit paving requests from constituents and submit their lists to the City of Huntington’s Public Works Department. The requests are reviewed with the West Virginia Division of Highways on a number of factors, including traffic volume and road conditions.

The paving list for this spring includes 26 individual paving projects totaling 4.07 miles. After spring paving is completed, the City of Huntington will have paved 62 roadways totaling 10.79 miles and costing approximately $2.1 million for the 2022 fiscal year. The City of Huntington has paved 69.3 miles of roads totaling $17,749,006 since 2014. 

The 2023 city budget that Mayor Steve Williams proposed and City Council approved includes $2.6 million for paving. The 2023 budget year begins July 1, 2022, and ends June 30, 2023. The purpose of the spending increase in the paving budget for fiscal year 2023 is to initiate steps toward the goal of establishing a 10-year paving cycle for all city-maintained roadways in Huntington.

Here are the paving projects that will be completed this spring:

City Council District 1

  • Bradley Road from Handley Road to end of roadway
  • Kentucky Street from Auburn Road to end of roadway
  • Auburn Road from Jefferson Road to Burlington Road
  • Jefferson Road from Magazine Avenue to West River Road
  • Lucian Street from Hughes Street to Chase Street

City Council District 2

  • 22nd Street West from Adams Avenue to dead end
  • 6th Street West from Washington Avenue to Virginia Avenue
  • 17th Street West from Monroe Avenue to Jackson Avenue

City Council District 3

  • 3 ½ Alley from 14th Street to 15th Street
  • 12th Street from 4th Avenue to 5th Avenue

City Council District 4

  • Oak Lane from North Altamont Road to dead end
  • Sunset Drive from North Altamont Road to dead end
  • South Edgemont Road from Memorial Park Drive to 141 Edgemont
  • Hawthorne Way from South Boulevard (east entrance) to 605 Hawthorne

City Council District 5

  • Euclid Place from 10th Avenue to Charleston Avenue
  • Lincoln Avenue from 20th Street to 21st Street

City Council District 6

  • Norway Avenue from Olive Street to Rugby Road (project extends into District 7)
  • 800 block alley from 11th Avenue to 12th Avenue
  • Bethel Road from Norway Avenue to dead end

City Council District 7

  • Wilson Street from 28th Street to 2812 Wilson
  • Washington Boulevard from Avondale Road to Olive Street

City Council District 8

  • 30th Street from 3rd Avenue to 4th Avenue

City Council District 9

  • Riverside Drive from floodwall entrance to Elm Street
  • 35th Street from 3rd Avenue to floodwall

Projects submitted by At-Large City Council members

  • Saltwell Road from Washington Boulevard to Sumner Avenue
  • 8th Street West from Washington Avenue to Adams Avenue

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